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Examples of our work

– for an engineering firm, project manager for the rehabilitation of a former dump on behalf of an urban community in the South-West of France

– for the operator of a composting plant in the South-West of France, which had problems with concrete shell walls in danger of collapse

– for the operator of a waste recycling facility in Brittany whose low and high pressure heating networks did not fully meet the expectations of the owner, a public institution

– for the manufacturer of a keel fitted to boats competing in the Route du Rhum, where a keel broke during the race

– for the seller of a machine tool that did not fully meet the end customer’s expectations

– for a Dutch insurance company insuring a farmer, following the collapse of his greenhouses

– for a Portuguese company who supplied hoses to a company who sold them on to one of its customers to make Flyboards

– for a Portuguese insurance company insuring the manufacturer of refrigerated display cases that caused a fire in a warehouse at Rungis

– for a French insurance company insuring the premises of a business, where a fire occurred